TEATR FORMY/ Physical Form Theatre - The theatre has existed since 1996 (former name the Contemporary Pantomime Theatre); was founded and managed by Józef Markocki with a group of professional actors. Having worked out its own artistic language the theatre draws inspiration from the Polish school of group mime, created by Henryk Tomaszewski, as well as Jerzy Grotowski. The Theatre has its own unique style and form. It uses different movement forms from classical mime to classical and modern dance to drama theatre. The group has produced several spectacles, which are staged in theatres in Poland and abroad, such as "Alternations of Space", "The Sacred Spot", "The Mystery of Bread and Stone", "Battle of Carnival and Lent", "HomoSensibilis", "Babel", "Only you", "The Hunger", "Pandora","Street of Crocodiles", "Spicy Cook", "The Master and Margarita". Physical Form Theatre already played in countries like: France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Puerto Rico, Peru.